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I truly believe that make-up transcends any stereotypical ideas or barriers.
I love by using our brains and the creativity in our minds that we can achieve anything and everything that we set our minds to and truly believe in.
With all the wonderful choice of make up and how by the way we apply and wear make-up to ourselves or others that it can and does make us feel different…

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Our mission is to provide a friendly and quality service and establish a loyal client base by excelling in understanding our clients needs and wants.
Our mission is to be a brand that is first and foremost known for its consistent quality of service.

Welcome to the The Bride Makers

Bride makers were born from Yasha Rajat Gulati passion for creating a unique and distinctive look for their Patron by emphasizing the natural beauty in each individual face. Having worked with some of the brides, a makeup artist in Lucknow are specialized in creating Special look ranging from very natural to the Ultra glamorous depending on patron requirements.
Best bridal makeup artist in Lucknow believes in finding the perfect bride wear and makeup style for our clients. It is always our first priority whether the event calls for simply natural or elaborately dramatic. As we know everything that creates true passion and makes a person unique as an individual.
Brides makers is a perfect blend of trendy ideas, superior quality products which provide the most desirable results to you in the areas of fashion/hair, beauty offering a full range of the latest trousseau/hair and exceptional beauty services.

The things that you wear dont make you beautiful

they accentuate the beauty that's already there

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